Hello to Bangkok

The journey was long. On leaving Mae Sot, the bus was stopped at a check point just after three quarts of an hour when about three people were asked to get off by police/military. No idea why and they all got back not the bus after 15 minutes. White House Down dubbed in Thai with English sub-titles was played, which Livvy said Iona had told her to watch. Very strange. Don’t think it would have been any better in English!
The bus took about 8and a half hours and not the seven we were told, but it got us back in one piece. The bus station is huge, but we found our way to the taxi rank and got two taxis back to the Villa Cha Cha and got our rooms. The girls and I have the family suite with a bedroom with two double bed and a sitting room with TV.
We decided to go to the night market to shop until we dropped, or until the money ran out which it did after a couple of hours. Kids all very happy, David not so happy. We were at PatPong Market with the sex shows on the side, which Livvy was rightly shocked at. It was all very tame compared with years ago, but still far too sleazy.

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One Response to Hello to Bangkok

  1. David says:

    Poor show :-0)

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