Late morning and Jim Thompson’s House


After having far too many early mornings, mum decided we were due a lie in and let us sleep in until 10am (although still not much of a lie in for me and Maya). We went for breakfast at the nice bakery at the back of Villa Cha Cha and got a taxi to Jim Thompson’s House.

When we got there I was shocked with how beautiful the house was as well as how big it was, after trying to walk in without tickets we went to buy them and got our guided english tour at 1:05. We had 25 minutes to wander the garden, which was beautiful and Livvy was very happy to see a turtle swimming about in one of the ponds! Mum was very happy as well as she was in what we all knew was her ideal garden!
The 25 minutes went very quick and it was soon time for our tour. Our guide spoke very good english and had a good element of humour as well. The story of Jim Thompson was a very interesting one and I was also interested to find out about him selling the Thai silk to vogue! The house was lovely and I especially loved all the antiques (maybe a few ideas for when I have my own house!). After the tour we got a wee shuttle bus to the end of the road and then got a sky train!

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One Response to Late morning and Jim Thompson’s House

  1. Laura Young says:

    Make the most of the last few days and have a safe journey back all of you. You will be pleased to hear that Musselburgh has turned into a tropical paradise while you were away and Glasgow is now apparently the friendliest city in the world -strange times are afoot! Laura x

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