Braids, chillin’ and meeting friends

So after we got off the freezing cold sky train we got a taxi back to the hotel and planned to just chill out for a bit. But we had longer than we thought so we went out to get some braids. We walked down to Khaosan Road and had a look around to see if we could find some with nice colours for a good price.

When we found a place that we liked we chose our 3 colours and chose if we wanted a bead or not, me and Maya didn’t get a bead but of course Imogen had to be different and decided to get a bead. Getting the braid was good but your head was kind of in an awkward position so your neck got a bit sore. After it looked really nice, after I had mine me and mum went back to the hotel to meet Lorraine, David and Darcy.

When me and mum went back,we went up to the room to freshen up a bit then we went down stairs and Lorraine, David and Darcy were there. So we sat down at a table in the restaurant at our hotel and got some drinks, Mum talked to Lorraine and David and I talked to Darcy. We talked about what things we had been doing over our holidays. After a while Imogen and Maya came back so Imogen joined mine and Darcy’s conversation and Maya talked to David and mum talked to Lorraine. Then we went out to a restaurant fot tea.

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