Our trip

David, Gaynor, Maya, Seth, Imogen and Livvy are going to Thailand and Burma for 18 days in July. We will be flying to Bangkok, spending a few days in Kanchanaburi seeing the Burma railway, which was built by Prisoners of War under the Japanese. Then we are then travelling to CDC school in Mae Sot to visit our Burmese friends. We are joining our good friends Sheila, Geoff and Louise, who have visited Mae Sot lots of times. We will then travel to Burma with Sheila and co. We would love to keep in touch with everyone through this blog, so please leave us lots of comments.


5 Responses to Our trip

  1. glad to hear all ia going well can’t wait to hear more lots and lots of love granma XXXXXX

  2. glad to hear all is going well can’t wait to hear more lots and lots of love granma XXXXXX

  3. To Livvy, we’ve just got back from Gigha. Stubbed my toe on a rock, climbed the highest hill on Gigha, won a sandcastle building competition with my friends, met new friend Tia, was on my friends dingy, caught tons and tons of crabs, walked and cycled to twin beaches for picnic, bought sweeties at the little shop and went to lots of fun musical activities at night.

    How are you enjoying your trip?. From Elsiex

    • gdmsil says:

      hi elsie and family

      i’m glad you had a great time i’v arrived in mae sot.I’m going to CDC soon i’m meeting Ms Laing today i’m missing you lots x 100

      lots of love livvyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Harold Mcarthy says:

    fully sick site bro 🙂 i like your trip, it gave me a great insight on Aung Sun suu Kyi. 🙂

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